Gilda Poliakin Destination Management
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About Gilda Pliakin


What We do

Design The Seminar-Create the Vision-Every program unique and unforgettable.       

Work closely with the client to define the content, scope, philosophy of the program or learning expedition.

Identify innovative and ground-braking companies, leading learning institutions, and think-tanks.

Create the entire itinerary, coordinate, and implement the professional visits with leading-edge companies, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and workshops at leading American institutions and universities.

FLAWLESS LOGISTICS-Exceed the expectations-Provide the magic.

Oversee all aspects of the seminar and event production from beginning to end.

Identify appropriate and trendy venues for meetings, meals, and events.

Coordinate meals and catering, security, transportation, AV production, sound and lighting, staffing.

Custom-design one-of-a-kind activities such as theme parties, sports with local hosts,  receptions at private homes, sailing races, charity activities, vision quests, winemaking classes, exclusive dining.

Stay on budget.