Gilda Poliakin Destination Management
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"Our clients got the most out of the visit and have pledged to return next year – thank you for the seminars and presentations!"

"Congratulations to Gilda, always perfect!"


Thank you for your professionalism, your philosophy on relationships, and your creativity.
I felt totally confident working with you on what is a beautiful and human adventure.


"Gilda Poliakin helped us find original solutions and ensured that all individuals get the best out of the visit–far beyond the program schedule and far beyond expectations –she is the goddess of logistics!


"Thank you for coping so well with our ever-changing requirements. You made the week in San Francisco better than we ever could have imagined."



Can’t wait to design next year’s seminar with you!


"Gilda Poliakin has been organizing our annual think-tank seminars in the United States since 2003.  She always comes up with different options, and she describes the pro and cons for each alternative in ways that make the decision-making process simple



"Thank you, thank you for your contribution to the study-trip for the senators.  The mission was a great success thanks to you."